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Our Volunteers are the cat's meow!

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Laurie is our intrepid leader and one of our founders. She wears so many hats we've lost track of them all! She coordinates care, volunteers, medicine, and just about everything else.  


Kelly is a master of scheduling and transport.  She is also provides loving neonate care to our tiniest babies.


Pat is one of MAD Cats founders.  She assists with organizing our fundraisers.  


Kittens love Gary! You can usually find at least one climbing up his leg. Gary is a retired Navy Commander who lives with his wife Rose, who is also one of our founders and sock seller extraordinaire. As MAD has grown, Gary has become an expert trapper and his role has expanded to include anything and everything that needs to be done. Gary started our cat food distribution program where we deliver food to some of our clients, current and previous that need help. If a cat, our own, or someone’s else needs to go to the emergency clinic,  on the weekend - Gary is the person doing the transport. A kitten needs to be picked up, traps need to be delivered, transport to Charlottesville or Fredericksburg - Gary is our man. He is indispensable! In addition,


Gary is colony caretaker, and unofficial Mayor of Syria.


Amy, Sharon & Gary

Amy in Madison, Sharon in Culpeper and Gary wherever he is needed.  They are on the front lines working with neighbors, colony caretakers, and our feline friends.


Pat is one of MAD Cats founders.  Pat organizes our yearly fundraisers.  


Samantha is a foster care kitten mom and behind the scenes helper with MadCat marketing and communications.

Join our great team of neighbors who love cats!
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