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Rehoming Your Cat(s)

Deciding to rehome your pet is an emotionally difficult and heart wrenching situation. Sadly, sometimes owners have no choice. Moving, death or illness in the family, losing a job, eviction, are some of life's circumstances that can make rehoming necessary.  According to Maddies Fund University, "the major reasons people rehome their pets do not have to do with the pets themselves! The leading reasons for people feeling they must give up their pets are all factors related to the circumstances of the families, not the pets themselves.'

If you are faced with this difficult situation - there are things you can do to make rehoming to more smoothly.  Take photos and write up descriptions of your cats as if you were putting them on a dating site. Are their vaccinations up to date? If not take them to your vet and get done; have their paperwork in order. Be honest in your write up - but put all the good stuff about them at the beginning.

Call your local shelter - if they cats are less than 7 years old and friendly, they may be able to rehome them. Be considerate, don't wait until the last minute to call.

For senior cats - local options include Paws for Seniors and Paws for Cause.

Here are two options that won't cost you, or the adopter any money:

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