Being a Kitten was Fun, Growing Up was Better
Being a Kitten was Fun, Growing Up was Better


 2021 Highlights

June 30th

  • Spays & Neuters:  410 

  • Kitten Intake: 111 

  • Adult Intake:  7

  • Transferred for Adoption:  73

  • Total Clients Served:  78

    • TNR Clients: 50

    • Family Pets: 28

(Data collected from January 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021) 

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​Our Mission
To improve the lives of cats, their owners and caretakers in Madison and Culpeper Counties in Virginia.
MAD Cats operates a Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) program, the globally recognized humane approach to help control cat overpopulation in the United States and around the world. 
We serve domestic and community cats, their owners and caretakers, by providing low to no cost spays, neuters and vaccinations.

Our Foster to Adoption Program intakes kittens and juveniles, providing all medical care, socialization and nurturing to prepare them for Adoption. All are spayed/neutered and vaccinated prior to transfer to our partner rescues and humane societies.

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Colony Cat of The Month

That little acrobat rolling around in the grass is Gray Kitty. When she was young she was the least dominant cat in the colony, and the other cats would push her away from the food. There were so many cats at the time that we didn't realize what was happening, and Gray Kitty ended up under size. When we saw she wasn't getting enough food, we began feeding her separately. She never grew quite as big as the other cats, but she is now a healthy kitty.


Gray Kitty Likes to roll around in the grass like an acrobat when she sees me coming with the food box. She enjoys being brushed, and she acts a bit like the colony superintendent. When a loud car or truck passes, she alerts and watches until the disturbance is over. If there are raccoons about, and I leave extra food in the back to distract them, Gray Kitty will will run back there to inspect. She has even be known to chase raccoons away.

Gray Kitty's most unusual trait is that she won't eat until I have given her a scratch between the ears and a belly rub.

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Cat of the Month?

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If you are an Amazon Smile™ participant, please choose Madison Community Cats (that's MAD Cats' official name) as your charity, and whenever you make a qualified Amazon purchase, MAD Cats will get a small donation. Please check our Kitten Wish List!



From L.S.: “This group is doing our County of Madison a great service. Please donate.” (from our FaceBook page)


From Juliette: So in our spare time [we] have been working on getting a local feral cat colony TNR'd and we're *almost* done...fingers crossed we can be totally finished by the time peak kitten season rolls around again. We need to give a HUGE thanks to MAD Cats, an amazing local organization...with their help we've removed seven kittens that will be adopted as pets (including the two that are now with us), and TNR'd eleven adults this month so far.

From Linda M: "You are wonderful! Everyone is so nice. Thank you for everything!"

From Gary D: Have worked with you in the past. You do outstanding things."

From Alycia: "Hi, I just wanted to say thank you again for the cat food, and thank you for the cat shelters! I'm not sure if they are using them yet, but at least now they have an option."

Three MAD Cats Trappers have completed the NEIGHBORHOOD CATS TNR Workshop

and are now CERTIFIED!




One of our new  born kittens being weighed!

new kitten.jpeg
Selling MAD Cats Famous Socks

Our signature wool socks are still for sale at The Little Country Store in Etlan along
with their famous BBQ.
Come on by!


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