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Mad Cats creates a lot of "furry tail" endings for our community.  In addition to our "spay/neuter/vaccinate" (SNV) services, we rescue and foster cats and kittens from distressed situations and raise them to be healthy, loving companions. Through our adoption and partner programs, we are able to put hundreds of sweet kitties into the arms of families who cherish them. 


This year we have SNV over 1,266 cats! That makes for more than 3,924 cats who have gone through our SNV in the past five years in Madison, Culpeper & Greene Counties.  

This holiday we want to say


to all the special people who took these sweet fur babies 

into their hearts and homes!

And all our friends, neighbors, and volunteers whose generosity and time have made these happy endings possible! 

We are fur-ever grateful!

We Specialize in Happy Endings....

Non-Profit Nominee 2023_edited.jpg
2023 Non-Profit of the Year
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