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To improve the lives of community cats in Madison and Culpeper Counties, Virginia, We operate a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program, the globally recognized humane approach, to reduce unwanted litters of kittens, reduce the number of cats surrendered to shelters and stabilize existing cat colonies. Stray, feral and colony cats are trapped, S/N, vaccinated, dewormed and returned to their owners/caregivers.

The majority of our cat owner clients are senior citizens living on fixed incomes. Not only is the cost of Spaying and Neutering their pets an issue, but they frequently have transportation issues as well. By providing cat carriers, and pick up and return services, we help prevent unwanted litters of kittens and contribute to the health and well being of the cats and their loving owners.

Preventing the birth of unwanted kittens is a primary goal of MCC, but sometimes kittens are already part of a colony when our group is called in to assist or cats and kittens are “dropped off” and appear seemingly from nowhere. MAD Cats maintains relationships with our colony caretakers and they know to call us if and when newcomers appear. Adult cats are S/N, young kittens are taken into foster care. Currently MCC is working with local shelters and larger rescues to establish a path to adoption for these kittens who are still young enough to be socialized.


From Judy: "Laurie was able to get two of my stray cats. One went to foster care and the other was released. No kittens this Spring. Thank you for helping me get them the care they truly needed. If you need help call MAD Cats or visit them on Facebook."



From Tina: "They are changing the world, one cat at a time."



From Stephanie: "Absolutely the best experience ever!! I know Pat T. and she assisted me with getting my kitten Mittens fixed. It was amazing to have someone I trust help me with this and make it so easy. MAD Cats is all for the cats and the wellbeing of the cats. BEST EVER!!!"

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Spay, Neuter and Vaccinations 
We help serve our community be providing low to no cost spays, neuters and vaccinations for the Madison and Culpeper area. 
Saturdays in December @ The Ole Country Store, Rt. 29 in Culpeper. Our signature wool socks make great gifts and stocking stuffers.

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