Izzy's Official Portrait
Izzy's Official Portrait

Sadie, Our Spokes Cat
Sadie, Our Spokes Cat

Being a Kitten was Fun, Growing Up was Better
Being a Kitten was Fun, Growing Up was Better

Izzy's Official Portrait
Izzy's Official Portrait


Thank you to all our Give Local Piedmont Supporters MAD Cats smashed through our $6000 goal and raised $7879.68!!!!!!


Thanks to You I'm Living a Better Life

​Our Mission: 


To improve the lives of cats, their owners and caretakers in Madison and Culpeper Counties in Virginia.


MAD Cats operates a Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) program, the globally recognized humane approach to help control cat overpopulation in the United States and around the world. 


We serve domestic and community cats, their owners and caretakers, by providing low to no cost spays, neuters and vaccinations.

Our Foster to Adoption Program intakes kittens and juveniles, providing all medical care, socialization and nurturing to prepare them for Adoption. All are spayed/neutered and vaccinated prior to transfer to our partner rescues and humane societies.

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From L.S.: “This group is doing our County of Madison a great service. Please donate.” (from our FaceBook page)


From Juliette: So in our spare time [we] have been working on getting a local feral cat colony TNR'd and we're *almost* done...fingers crossed we can be totally finished by the time peak kitten season rolls around again. We need to give a HUGE thanks to MAD Cats, an amazing local organization...with their help we've removed seven kittens that will be adopted as pets (including the two that are now with us), and TNR'd eleven adults this month so far.

From Linda M: "You are wonderful! Everyone is so nice. Thank you for everything!"

From Gary D: Have worked with you in the past. You do outstanding things."

From Alycia: "Hi, I just wanted to say thank you again for the cat food, and thank you for the cat shelters! I'm not sure if they are using them yet, but at least now they have an option."

Three MAD Cats Trappers have completed the NEIGHBORHOOD CATS TNR Workshop and are now CERTIFIED





267 Cats Spayed/Neutered as of this Week


One of our new  born kittens being weighed

new kitten.jpeg

The Community Cat of the Month

Meet Bernice. Bernice is known as the shy cat of her colony; she prefers to keep her distance. When she first came to the colony, she insisted on six feet of separation at feeding time. Now she will sometimes come as close as an inch to the spoon when we dispense wet food, but don't try to put your finger out for a nose kiss. Bernice is a perpetually hard to get kitty. She is also camera shy. Try standing twenty feet away with a telephoto — Bernice will still duck behind a crate. I had to shoot this picture with a 600mm lense.

For over a month I tried to trap and spay Bernice before realizing that her ear had a subtle tip. Perhaps the reason she showed so little interest in my trap was that she had previously been in one.

While Bernice appears to have been born with a perpetual frown, she is the first out of the barn when I call out "Chow!," and at that point she does have a certain affinity for humans, waiting close by while the other cats assemble.

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Help! I Found a Kitten!


What to do??? — click the link for a guide to evaluating the situation. Sometimes the kittens aren't lost or abandoned, just waiting for mom to come back. She could be watching you right now! MAD Cats is ready and available to help — call or text us @ 540-738-0160.

MAD Cats is now an Amazon Smile™ Approved Charity


If you are an Amazon Smile™ participant, please choose Madison Community Cats (that's MAD Cats' official name) as your charity, and whenever you make a qualified Amazon purchase, MAD Cats will get a small donation. Please check our Kitten Wish List!

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