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1.4 Million Cats are Euthanized
in US Animal Shelters Every Year

MadCats has reduced the euthanization rate in our area by 78% in just 5 years.

We're Passionate about Improving the Lives of our Community's Cats.

MAD Cats is an all-volunteer organization passionate about serving the community and domestic cats in our region. All cats deserve to lead full and happy lives. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of the suffering that comes from rampant feline reproduction among cats living along side us in our communities who lack specific owners or oversight. These "community cats" often serve valuable roles on farms and other businesses–however overpopulation can lead to poor conditions where they are undernourished and/or afflicted with disease, injury, and predation by other animals. By treating them as good neighbors and providing them with loving care, we are able to significantly improve their health and wellbeing.

We focus our efforts on:

  • Reducing the birth rate of community felines to prevent overpopulation--and needless suffering due to malnutrition and disease.  Since our inception, we've spayed/neutered and vaccinated over 4,000 cats and prevent more than 10,000 unwanted births. Our TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) and S/N (Spay/Neuter) programs keep the local cat population healthy, and in check. Over the past five years, that has drastically reduced the number of cats and kittens surrendered to local shelters and euthanized due to a lack of shelter space, medical care, and available adopters. 

    We provide regular spay/neuter clinic all year! Learn more about TNR.

  • Rescuing abandoned, abused, neglected, injured, and homeless kittens and cats. When neighbors alert us, our volunteers leap into action to trap animals in need and bring them in for the medical care, socialization, and nurturing they need to prepare them for adoption. 

  • Providing foster care.  MAD Cats is a "foster-based" rescue, meaning our foster kittens and cats live with our volunteers.These felines are cared for in local foster homes while they await their forever homes.  All are spayed/neutered and vaccinated prior to adoption or transfer to our partner rescues and humane societies.

  • Helping neighbors care for their cats. Many "owner surrenders" to shelters are because owners can't afford to feed their pets. MAD Cats volunteers deliver approximately 300-350 lbs of dry food per month to
    caretakers of our managed colonies where all the cats have been S/N and vaccinated, as well as cat owners in need of food support to help them keep their cats in their home. Last year we delivered over 4,000 lbs of food to community cats! 

Our group of dedicated volunteers work hard to help our neighbors and community control the local cat population. We put over 200,000 miles on our MadCat van in our work to rescue, spay/neuter, foster, and feed our communities cats. Our volunteers provide trapping, transportation, carriers, whatever is needed. We provide education through social media and community events throughout the year. 

​In the past five years, we have spayed/neutered and vaccinated more than 4,000 cats in Madison, Culpeper and surrounding areas.


TNR Certified Trappers

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