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Our Story 


Madison Community Cats was organized in October, 2018, after separating from a larger cat rescue so we could focus our TNR program services in Madison and Culpeper Counties, VA. In our first year of operation we have Spayed & Neutered more than 200 cats, fostered dozens of kittens and provided monthly donations of cat food to several colonies in Madison County. In 2020 we spayed and neutered over 590 cats and kittens.


Our TNR program provides welcome assistance to owners and colony caretakers who love cats and are happy to care for them, but cannot afford to have them spayed and neutered. We are there to help regardless of a client’s ability to donate, no one is turned away.

MAD Cats operates a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)** program primarily through the services of Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA (CASPCA), and Madison-Green Humane Society (MGHS).  We generally take 12-15 cats per clinic date to CASPCA and 2-4 to MGHS.

Over the summer, MAD Cats joined an alliance of rescues in Culpeper County managed by the Culpeper Humane Society. With the alliance providing transportation and paying 1/2 cost of the S/N, we are able to leverage our resources and help more cats and their owners. In return for transportation and helping with S/N costs, we are committed to trapping at least once/month in Culpeper County. 

MAD Cats is generally contacted by colony caretakers with between 5 – 25 cats, who are feeding and sheltering these cats on limited incomes. Often they will buy food for the cats, before food for themselves. While we are happy to accept donations, we do provide the program for free. In addition, cat owners, who cannot afford to pay the cost of S/N through their local vet, may also apply to our program.



Almost every weekend, our volunteer trappers set multiple traps at a scheduled location. They attend those traps for however long it takes; traps need to be monitored and are never left unattended overnight. The cats are held overnight in the traps and then transported to the veterinarian the next day. Volunteers retrieve the “fixed” cats in the afternoon and they are again held overnight for recovery. After a light breakfast, they are returned to their owners/caretakers.

MAD Cats also provides food to a limited number of colony caretakers. In 2020 we supplied over 1500 pounds of dry cat food to these caretakers.

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