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Your animal(s) is undergoing spay and/or neuter surgery. There are natural risks involved with the surgery itself, and the use of anesthetics and other drugs. Injury and death can result from the surgery, any related procedures, and from complications following surgery. MAD Cats does not conduct pre-operative blood tests and your pet may have unknown disorders of the liver, kidney, blood, and/or other system. Such disorders may increase your pets’ anesthetic risks. The following conditions increase the possibility of complications or death before, during, or after surgery: 

Cats in advanced stages of pregnancy

  • Cats in heat 

  • Cats of advanced age

  • Cats suffering from worms, leukemia, or other diseases or injury


I am 18 years of age or older and the owner or authorized agent responsible for the animal(s) described in my request. I understand the risks involved in my animal’s surgery and that injury or death may occur. I assume full responsibility for the consequences that may arise. I authorize MAD Cats, its staff members, volunteers and/or agents to receive, transport, and perform any and all necessary services for the sterilization surgery to be performed (BY A VETERINARY CLINIC OF THEIR CHOOSING). To my knowledge this animal(s) is in good health.




If the animal(s) dies as a result of surgery, I will be notified and the animal may be picked up by me or the remains will be taken care of in accordance with state laws and the policy of this clinic. I understand that MAD Cats AND their VETERINARY CLINIC OF CHOOSING is not responsible for complications resulting from spay/neuter surgery or my failure to follow post-operative instructions; my request to release the animal early, while still showing signs of sedation. MAD Cats is offering sterilization of animal, rabies vaccine and ear tip for identification.

I understand that there is some inherent risk when handling cats in traps, or of a moving vehicle accident when my animal is being transported to the surgery clinic and hold MAD Cats volunteers and driver harmless from any liability resulting from such accident. 

Independent Veterinarians

I acknowledge that the veterinarians treating my animal(s) do not work for MAD Cats. The veterinarians are engaged in the private practice of veterinary medicine and are not employees or agents of MAD Cats, MAD Cats is not responsible for the judgment or conduct of the veterinarians who treat or provide services to my animal(s). 

MAD Cats does not exercise control of any nature over any procedures performed by the attending veterinarian and I will not hold MAD Cats, the chosen veterinary clinic, it’s staff, volunteers, or agents liable or responsible in any manner for any complications that may arise during surgery or as a result of the surgery. The veterinarian may also refuse to perform any procedure on any animal for any reason. Such refusal is at the sole discretion of the attending veterinarian.



  •  I am the property owner or tenant, or acting on behalf of the property owner in this matter.

  •  I am requesting Madison Community Cats (MAD Cats) to trap, neuter and return all cats currently living on my property.

  • MAD Cats volunteer shall be allowed to place humane traps on my property, solely  for the purpose of trapping the colony and will be periodically checking traps during the trapping times.

  • Any kittens trapped or residing on my property that have the potential to be domesticated pets will be surrendered to MAD Cats for adoption at our discretion.

  • MAD Cats has permission to trap until the entire colony has been trapped

If a cat has major medical issues, the Veterinarian will call and discuss with MAD Cats volunteer regarding returning the cat to the colony. Options may include euthanasia if it is judged to be in the best interest of a cat who has lived his/her life outdoors.



  • I certify I am the caregiver of these cats but do not necessarily take ownership of the cats in my colony. 

  • I agree to feed the cats nutritious cat food, wet/dry or both, and fresh water daily.

  • Monitor the cats for overall physical conditions.

  • Be alert for the new un-neutered cats joining the colony, and notify MAD Cats that trapping and neutering of the new cat is needed.


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